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What Are Low Competition Keywords?

Dominate Keywords That
Have Low Competition

Tired of writing content and then never getting any traffic from it? The most common problem is that affiliates and small businesses target keywords with high competition so they never see any traffic from it.

What is the solution?  We use our keyword research method to find keywords specifically for your niche that has low competition so you aren't competing against huge authority sites but still receive monthly visitors from the keywords.

Increase Your Chances To Rank On The 1st Page On A New Website

By targeting keywords that have low competition, but still have at least a few hundred searches per month, we have been able to rank our articles on the 1st page of Google on a brand new website.  So you can immediately start focusing on profiting from your website instead of writing content that gets zero results.

Keyword Research For Any Niche

Throughout our years of performing keyword research for clients we have worked in nearly every niche possible.  From Amazon affiliate sites in the camping niche, to local jewelry stores in the Miami area, and even online sports betting websites.  So you can rest assured that we will be able to find low competition keywords for your niche.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I purchased keyword research from Andrew in late 2017 for a brand new Amazon affiliate website I created, and I was impressed how well my articles started to rank within a few weeks!  I definitely saw a return on my investment!  He even typically throws in a few extra keywords for free, highly recommend him!"

Francis O. - Affiliate & Ecommerce

"I used to try to compete with huge authority sites with my Amazon affiliate sites, and I would never be able to get past the 3rd page.  But by using the keyword recommendations that Andrew researched, I was able to find the low-hanging fruit in my niche and start getting traffic to my site within the first 2 months!"

Peyton H. - Local Business & Affiliate

Don't Hesitate, Dominate Your Low Competition Keywords Today!

With an easy on-boarding process, all you have to do is pick the desired package that works for you.  Give us a little bit of information about your niche & what kind of keywords you are looking for.  And then we will begin the research process and send you your complete report within a few days time.

10 Pack

10 Low Competition Keywords



  • Complete Competitor & Niche Analysis
  • 10 Keywords Specifically For Your Niche
  • Recommended Article Titles
  • Aim For The Highest Monthly Search Volume
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

50 Low Competition Keywords



Save $50

  • Complete Competitor & Niche Analysis
  • 50 Keywords Specifically For Your Niche
  • Recommended Article Titles
  • Aim For The Highest Monthly Search Volume
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

If you have any questions or would like to order a custom keyword package, please send an email to Andrew@Whitehatgrowth.com

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